The U.S. 1877-Present (On Campus)

“He sparked my once present interest in History. I loved learning the material now at a more mature level.”
“I typically have a hard time with History, but this is the first history class I have honestly enjoyed and learned a great deal”
“This class was intellectually challenging and my understanding of this course increased alot. The classes were thought provoking as well.”
"He is always very positive and happy to hear what you have to say, even if what you have to say isn't exactly what he's looking for.  He's glad you participated and tries to lead you in the right direction."
Professor Fobare was very effective, in that he kept the class engaged and challenged while setting high standards and giving positive feedback.  Questions were always welcomed and answered thoroughly."
“Lectures are interesting. Professor Fobare puts a lot of his personality into lecturing. I think he is the type of person who could lecture about something quite boring and still keep people’s attention.”
“I've learned the most important lesson that Chris has said since day one: Context is important.”

The U.S. 1877-Present (online)

“I have total respect for the way prof. Fobare went out of his way to help me with writing questions, and made me think further on my discussion forums."
"The instructor did an excellent job teaching the course.  The course material was very clear, very interesting, and the discussions and papers were easy to understand while providing us with an opportunity to present what we learned in a quality manner.  The instructor has done an excellent job throughout the course."
“Challenged is an understatement. I learned alot about the history of the US.”

“The learning environment in the course was excellent as it provided me with an opportunity to challenge myself.”

“The instructor did an excellent job teaching the course. The course material was very clear, very interesting and the discussions and papers were easy to understand while providing us with an opportunity to present what we learned in a quality manner. The instructor has done an excellent job throughout the course.”

The African American Experience

“While Prof. Fobare is very attuned to accuracy, he is also capable of orienting the classroom material to the importance of the overall context of subjects. He also had very interesting, active and useful slides that helped contribute to learning the material and always provided them prior to class."
The overall effectiveness of the instructor was excellent.  He provided a serious and sincere atmosphere that set the tone for the subject matter.

“The overall quality of the class was great. It was extremely well organized and the lectures were terrific.”

“He was very passionate about the context, which helped to get me personally motivated to learn more than I would otherwise.”

“Professor Fobare is easily one of the most effective instructors I have had in my two semesters in college.”

“This class was the perfect combination of being challenged and being able to learn effectively.”
“He asked thought provoking questions that required analysis and critical thinking rather than repetition.”  

“It's a very important course to me and with the addition of Fobare's passion to the subject, it’s a class I feel that I can look back and appreciate.” 
"He definitely increased my understanding.  The classes were thought provoking."

“Professor Fobare is very clear in his lectures and shows a genuine interest in the topic. He knows the material well, and he explains very clearly any questions we may have. Professor Fobare is very reasonable and it is clear that he cares about his students and wants us to strive for success.”

The Civil War & Reconstruction

“Challenging but fair, very knowledgeable teacher, loves what he does, makes learning interesting even with the huge scale of material that needed to be covered.   Very organized.”
“I have learned the complete opposite of what I was taught in High School regarding the Civil War, and it has been intellectually challenging to wrap my brain around some of these ideas and concepts, but a great experience.”
“The instructor did set high standards and his comments on papers were very helpful. I feel that I became a better student.”
“This course was intellectually challenging. The instructor posed questions during discussion that really increased my depth and understanding of all time periods from pre-Civil War through the Civil War and Reconstruction.”
"You can tell he loves what he does, he is so passionate!"
“His feedback to me was incredible. He took time to review my rough drafts and give me pointers on improving a point or argument...truly a great way to learn and I gained much from my experience.”
“He shows you how to improve your writing with helpful comments.”

The American West

“I felt this class was very informative and it will definitely be applicable when I go into a classroom and teach this subject. Westward expansion is favored by students in school districts and is a huge part of American history."
“I've learned more from Prof. Fobare than any other teacher, he is always informative and enjoyable. I've recommended him many times to many different students.”
“He is a wonderful professor. He is very intriguing. He made me a better writer.”
“Easy to approach, easy to get in contact with, and always willing to answer questions both during and outside of class.”
"He was very constructively critical of my work, but it was a good thing because he made me a much better writer."
"Easy to approach, easy to get in contact with, and always willing to answer questions both during and outside of class."
"The instructor was very effective, as his lectures were terrific."
“He is a very strict and responsible teacher. He will look at our assignments and papers carefully. He will also give us good advice.”

The History of New York State

“Maybe the best teacher I ever had in terms of providing feedback to students. Always willing to look at drafts of papers. If a student showed genuine effort, he did everything to help them and I appreciate that.”

“This is a good quality course well worth the reading and research. This course will make you think critically and share your opinions both in class and on paper concerning several events or people that played key roles in New York's history.”

“I thought the professor's communications throughout the course were clearly explained and he effectively used a combination of in-person lectures and online assignments to enhance my level of comfort in a hybrid-type course. The professor respected and responded to student comments during lectures and responses to questions were in a timely and thoughtful manner that I thought enhanced my understanding of several topics discussed throughout the semester.”

The instructor's standards for work were set pretty high, and I liked how it challenged me.”